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Deciding on a child care center is a big decision, and here at Best Care you'll be treated like family. We've created a safe, nurturing environment for your little one to begin their learning journey!

Inside Your Infant's Day


Each day your child will explore through music, toys, instruments, colors, and their five senses. Being surround by other babies will allow each child to discover new words and sounds too! Every day teachers will encourage infants to copy different sounds and actions fostering early development. 

Every child is held and loved on throughout the day, receiving lots of cuddles from their teacher! A daily record will be kept of feedings, diaper changes, naps, and all other activities. 


Chat with us!

Best Care @ Baton Rouge (225) 275-6272

Best Care @ Live Oak (225) 664-2299


Sample Daily Activities 

Infant room schedules are always changing, because they directly reflect each child's needs! You provide us with your desired sleeping and eating schedule, and we listen. 

Here are examples of their daily activities:​

Circle Time

During Circle Time the teacher sings nursery rhymes, the ABC's & 1,2,3's, and other classic children's song.

Story Telling

Throughout each day the teacher will pick a few stories to tell the babies. Some including finger and even puppets! Each infant sits in a swing or bouncer to enjoy the story! 

Play Mat Games

Play Mat Games could be anything from practicing sitting up to Peek-a-Boo. These games are designed to work on each child's motor skills. 

Group Play

During Group Play, all the infants come together to play with toys or make noises and "talk" to each other. 

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