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Our Policies​

Absences/Vacation Policy​​
Weekly tuition cannot be waived or refunded for any absences or holidays. Your child will become eligible for one week of family vacation after attending the center for 12 months. You are allowed one vacation week per calendar year. 

Discipline Policy​

Providing the children with appropriate behavioral and social skills is one of out primary goals. We encourage the children to be polite and use their manners, to play correctly with toys and equipment, the be respectful of adults and classmates, and to be kind to all of our friends. The only for of punishment use in this center is the Time-Out Method. The length of time the children are required to spend in time-out depends on their age. 

Sick Policy

In the best interest of all of our children, you must make other arrangements for your child when they are sick. Your child must stay home if they have a fever greater than 101 degrees, frequent diarrhea and/or vomiting, or any contagious sickness. Some contagious sicknesses include: chicken pox, strept throat, roseola, impetigo, pin eye, head lice, etc. 

Medication Policy

All medication is dispensed at 12:00pm. A medicine book is provided for each parent to write their child's full name, type of medication, and dosage instructions. A parent must sign the book daily to authorize administration of medication.

Food Policy

We provide nutritionally balanced meals for both breakfast and lunch. The children are not permitted to bring any food into the center. We do allow outside treats for special occasions such as birthdays, holidays, and other parties.  

Clothing Policy 

Every child is provided with their own box to keep an extra set of clothes at the center. Please include a pair of underpants and a pair of socks with the outfit. Make sure the clothes are appropriate for the days weather. We wash all soiled clothes and return them to your child's box the following day. You must write your child's first and last initial on the tag or their clothing. We are not responsible for any lost or damaged clothing.








Holidays & Closings

Best Child Care will be closed in observance of the following holidays:

New Year's Day *

Good Friday

Memorial Day

Independence Day *

Labor Day

Thanksgiving Day & the Following Day

Christmas Day *

* Additional days may be added depending on when a holiday falls within the week.

Additional Policies

All additional policy information can be accessed here in our Parent Handbook:

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