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In Pre-K, your child will learn independence in an organized and fun environment, making the Kindergarten transition as smooth as possible! 



Each day is packed with carefully designed lessons including problem solving, patterning, math skills, language, number readiness, social skills, writing, music, physical education, arts and crafts, and object classification. Our teachers will tend to each child's specific needs as they are prepared for Kindergarten. 

Pre-k classes are kept on a very organized schedule, including lessons, outside time, nap, and group play time. 

Your Pre-Kindergartner's Day

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Sample Daily Activities


This program is carefully designed to prepare each child for Kindergarten! Each day is packed with structured activities and lots of fun!

Here are examples of their daily activities:


Each week the Pre-K will learn about a letter. They'll learn to recognize it, write it, the sounds it can make, words that start with that letter, and they'll create an art project about the letter.

Circle Time

During Circle Time the class goes over the days of the week, months of the year, the calendar, the weather/season, and the songs for their Pre-K graduation.


The teacher will read the class a story at least twice a day. The children will work on handwriting and reading small words as well. 

Centers & Play

Centers include blocks, home, Legos, transportation, math manipulatives, sensory tables, reading and writing. Each day the children will have free play with their friends, and get to play with the centers.

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