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Summer Camp

We offer an activity-packed, exciting Summer Camp program for all preschoolers and after-schoolers! Summer activities can include swimming, bowling, skating, Happy Feet, arts and crafts, movies, visits to the park, special field trips, and more!

During the Summer Camp program the kids are fed breakfast, lunch, and two snacks every day. They get play yard time twice a day, and have an activity or two planned for each day as well. In between activities the children have access to board games, books, toys, video games, arts and crafts, and much more. Activities will vary between centers. Each classroom is different and provides fun and exciting activities for each age!

Our Activities



Our Baton Rouge location has its own pool! Once or twice a week the kids get to go swimming with their group! We have a lifeguard and a camp counselor ensuring safety, and they can also help children learn how to swim! 


Arts & Crafts

Every week each group is given an art project! They are always age appropriate and are usually themed around summer time. Summer Camp teachers help each child with their art project which they get to bring home at the end of the week!



Each group gets to have a movie day! We provide popcorn and the kids get to pick out the movie! The movies are always age appropriate, and the kids have so much fun taking a relaxing movie break! 



We take our summer camp kids bowling for some friendly competition! The winners of bowling are posted weekly, and will be awarded extra Snack Shack points! Our kids love having the opportunity to learn a new sport and compete with their friends! 



The summer camp groups love going and learning how to roller skate! All the summer camp groups get to go to the skating rink once a week. At the end of their skating time they race, and the winner of the races is announced and awarded Snack Shack points. 


Happy Feet

Happy Feet classes help develop essential physical skills while the kids have fun with soccer! These classes take place at our center. Each class will incorporate classic nursery rhymes, fun songs and children’s games that have been adapted to incorporate a soccer ball and general motor skill development.

Candy Vending Machines

Snack Shack 

The Snack Shack is a reward system for the children. Its our fun way of encouraging good behavior! Each week the kids have the opportunity to earn points or lose them, based on behavior. Then on Friday each group gets to go spend their points on delicious treats! 



The end of the summer Luau gathers all the summer camp groups for one big party in our centers room! We have snacks and punch, have limbo and hula hoop competitions, and dance to fun luau music! Its a great way to finish up our camp and end on a fun note! 



At the end of the camp we host a BINGO Bash. The kids have so much fun playing BINGO and competing for prizes! All the groups participate in the games and win prizes at the end! 

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