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Our Three's & Four's classes are designed to prepare your child for Pre-K and make learning fun! This program focuses on language, math, science, and social skills with an individual attention focused on each child's needs. 

Inside Your Three & Four Year Old's Day


Reinforcing all the concepts taught in the Two's program, the Three's & Four's program also introduces reading, writing, math skills, and recognizing letters and letter sounds. Free play is stimulated with Centers including blocks, home, Legos, transportation, math manipulatives, sensory table, reading, and writing. This way they learn to follow instructions and key skills for learning success!

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Sample Daily Activities 


This class is all about getting ready for Pre-K! Our program introduces core subjects such as math and reading, while keeping early childhood learning fun!

Here are examples of their daily activities:


Throughout the year each class will learn about the letters, colors, and numbers. They'll practice writing and recognizing them, make crafts about them, and spelling words with each letter.

Free Play

Theres indoor and outdoor Free Play. The children can pick what they want to do and play with their friends!

Circle Time

Each day begins with Circle time where the children review what the learned the day before, sing their ABC's, practice counting and spelling, recognize shapes and colors, and review the days of the week and months of the year. 

Class Activity

Each day there is a class activity, usually revolving around the letter, number, and color they're learning that week. It can be anything from a game to an art project!

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