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Toddlers are always on the go and exploring. Each day's activities are designed to support their curiosity and imagination! 

Inside Your Toddler's Day


Toddlers are broken up into two age brackets: Junior Toddlers and Senior Toddlers. Overall, during their time with us your toddler will learn to count, create simple art projects, begin recognizing colors, discover writing, and start building towards following instructions.

Toddlers will get to play outside in their own private play yard every day and will take scheduled naps. Each day you'll receive a  written record of your child's activities throughout the day. 


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Sample Daily Activities

Junior and Senior Toddler schedules differ, but each is designed around the children's natural curiosity to learn.

Here are examples of their daily activities:

Generally, their day includes: playtime, outdoor time, eating, music, finger plays, creative movement, story telling, bubbles & balls, group activities, singing, art projects, and naps.


Circle Time

Children come together to sing the ABC's, the 1,2,3's, and nursery rhymes. They also practice object identification and  color and shape recognition.

Story Telling

Throughout the day, the teacher has the children sit along the wall for story time. Practicing their focusing and listening skills, through finger plays, puppets, ans stories!

Play Time

Toddlers will have inside and outside play time. During this time they get to choose what they want to do while playing with friends!

Bubbles & Balls

Each child gets their own ball to play with while the teacher blows bubble. They have a blast popping the bubbles and playing with their friends!

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