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Two's have tons of energy and are always looking to discover. Our program encourages group play and growth through different themed lessons! 

Inside Your Two Year Old's Day

Everyday will be an exciting adventure filled with arts and crafts, creative movement, group play, outside time, and lots of learning! This program will continue to build your child's vocabulary and social skills, recognize colors and shapes, begin counting and number recognition, calendar skills, reciting nursery rhymes, and build towards following instructions and mastering the potty! 

Two's have scheduled outside time in their own private play yard everyday! They will have one scheduled afternoon nap, as well. 


Chat with us!

Best Care @ Baton Rouge (225) 275-6272

Best Care @ Live Oak (225) 664-2299


Sample Daily Activities 

Each day is structured around a two year olds limitless curiosity! We provide them with plenty of fun and educational activities to keep their little minds occupied and happy!

Here are examples of their daily activities:

Circle Time

Each day the teacher will review key concepts during Circle Time. They'll sing the ABC's, the 1,2,3's, practice recognizing colors and counting, and learn what their name looks like! 

Free Play

There's indoor and outdoor Free Play where the children can decide what they want to day and play with their friends!


Centers include everything from blocks to transportation. This structured play time helps the children with object recognition and motor skills.

Potty Training

Every day your child will work on mastering the potty, with helpful reminders and encouragement from their teacher!

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